Proclamation of King James II, December 23, 1687

A printed version of the text can be found in issue 2309 of The London Gazette, January 2 - 5, 1687/8. It was also published as By the King, a Proclamation Appointing a Time of Publick Thanksgiving and Prayer throughout the Kingdom, printed at London by Charles Bill, Henry Hills, and Thomas Newcomb, 1687 (Wing J313; Steele 3850).

James R.

It having pleased Almighty God (who in signal manner has blessed His Majesty and this kingdom under His Majesty's Government with great prosperity, peace, and plenty) to give His Majesty also apparent hopes and good assurance of having issue by his royal consort the Queen, who (through God's great goodness) is now with child, and forasmuch as increase of issue of the Royal Family is a public blessing, and (under God) a great security of peace and happiness to this kingdom, His Majesty therefore has thought fit (at the humble request, and by the advice of his Privy Council) to appoint a time, upon this occasion, to render public and hearty thanks throughout the kingdom, for this great blessing already begun, and to offer up prayers to Almighty God for the continuance thereof. And His Majesty does accordingly appoint, command and require, that upon the fifteenth day of January next within the Cities of London and Westminster and ten miles thereabout, and upon the nine and twentieth day of the same month in all other places throughout this kingdom, public thanks and solemn prayers be offered up to Almighty God upon the occasion aforesaid. And for this purpose His Majesty has signified his royal pleasure to the Right Reverend Fathers in God Nathaniel, Lord Bishop of Durham, Thomas, Lord Bishop of Rochester, and Thomas, Lord Bishop of Peterborough (being His Majesty's commissioners constituted for exercising the episcopal jurisdiction within the Diocese of London) forthwith to prepare a form of prayer and religious service which may be suitable to this occasion, which form of prayer and service His Majesty will cause to be printed and published, and by the Right Reverend the Bishops sent and distributed throughout their several and respective dioceses, to be observed and used in the churches and chapels of this kingdom upon the several and respective days before mentioned. And lastly, His Majesty does charge and command all his loving subjects to take notice hereof, and to demean themselves in all things accordingly.

Given at our court at Whitehall, the 23rd day of December, 1687, in the third year of our reign.

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