Humble Address of Old Dissenting Officers and Soldiers of the County of Lincoln, May 1688

A printed version of the text can be found in issue 2344 of The London Gazette, May 3 - 7, 1688.

May it please Your Majesty.

Though we may not appear so numerous as the whole bodies of humble addressers of Your Majesty's cities and corporations have been, yet we think ourselves more particularly bound to acknowledge our great sense of the satisfaction we enjoy in the full liberty of exercising our religion amongst the rest of our fellow subjects under Your Majesty's most Gracious Indulgence, the former restraint of which unfortunately seduced us from our allegiance, and drew us into arms to obtain that by force which now Your Majesty has so mercifully condescended to; we wish Your Majesty's reign may be long and prosperous; and our hearty endeavours to choose such Members of Parliament (when occasion shall offer) which by their ready compliance to Your Majesty's most just demands, shall render you the most potent and flourishing prince in all Europe, shall be a testimonial of our fidelity and resolution to stand by Your Majesty with our lives and fortunes, which is the indispensable duty of Your Majesty's most faithful and loyal subjects.

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