Letter from the Privy Council to the Earl of Rochester, June 10, 1688

A printed version of the text can be found on pages 348 to 350 of volume 3 of Original Letters Illustrative of English History, edited by Henry Ellis (London: Harding, Triphook, and Lepard, 1825).

To our very good Lord, Laurence, Earl of Rochester, Lord Lieutenant of the County of Hartford

After our very hearty commendations to your Lordship, it having pleased Almighty God about ten of the clock this morning to bless His Majesty and his royal consort the Queen with the birth of a hopeful son, and His Majesty's kingdoms and dominions with a prince, we do by His Majesty's command hereby signify the same unto your Lordship, desiring that it be likewise forthwith communicated by you to your Deputy Lieutenants, the Justices of Peace, and the several corporations within your lieutenancy, to the end they may all join, at such time as His Majesty shall please to appoint by his royal proclamation for that purpose, as well in solemn thanksgiving to Almighty God, for so inestimable a blessing, as in such other expressions of public rejoicing, as are suitable and accustomed on so great an occasion. And so we bid your Lordship very heartily farewell.

From the Council Chamber in Whitehall this 10th of June 1688.

Your Lordships' very loving friends,

Jeffreys C.
Sunderland P.
J. Ernle
John Nicholas

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