Declaration of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, December 11, 1688

King James II and VII having left London with the intention of withdrawing to France, the following peers who were present in and about the Cities of London and Westminster assembled at Guildhall and made this declaration:

  • Dr. William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Dr. Thomas Lamplugh, Archbishop of York
  • Thomas Herbert, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery
  • Charles Sackville, Earl of Dorset
  • John Sheffield, Earl of Mulgrave
  • Thomas Tufton, Earl of Thanet
  • Edward Howard, Earl of Carlisle
  • William Craven, Earl of Craven
  • Thomas Bruce, Earl of Ailesbury
  • Richard Boyle, Earl of Burlington
  • Thomas Lennard, Earl of Sussex
  • George Berkeley, Earl of Berkeley
  • Lawrence Hyde, Earl of Rochester
  • Francis Newport, Viscount Newport of Bradford
  • Thomas Thynne, Viscount Weymouth
  • Dr. Peter Mews, Bishop of Winchester
  • Dr. William Lloyd, Bishop of St. Asaph
  • Dr. Francis Turner, Bishop of Ely
  • Dr. Thomas Sprat, Bishop of Rochester
  • Dr. Thomas White, Bishop of Peterborough
  • Philip Wharton, Lord Wharton
  • Charles North, Lord North and Grey of Rolleston
  • James Brydges, Lord Chandos of Sudeley
  • Ralph Montagu, Lord Mountagu of Boughton
  • Thomas Jermyn, Lord Jermyn of St. Edmundsbury
  • John Vaughan, Lord Vaughan of Emlyn, Earl of Carbery (Ir.)
  • Thomas Colepeper, Lord Colepeper of Thoresway
  • Thomas Crew, Lord Crew of Stene
  • John Bennet, Lord Ossulston

A printed version of the text can be found on pages 71 and 72 of A Kingdom without a King: The Journal of the Provisional Government in the Revolution of 1688, edited by Robert Beddard. Oxford: Phaidon Press, 1988.

We doubt not but the world believes that, in this great and dangerous conjuncture, we are heartily and zealously concerned for the Protestant religion, the laws of the land, and the liberties and properties of the subject; and we did reasonably hope that, the King having issued his proclamation and writs for a free parliament, we might have rested secure under the expectation of that meeting; but, His Majesty having withdrawn himself, and, as we apprehend, in order to his departure out of this Kingdom, by the pernicious counsels of persons ill-affected to our nation and religion, we cannot, without being wanting to our duty, be silent under these calamities, wherein the Popish counsels, which so long prevailed, have miserably involved these Realms.

We do, therefore, unanimously resolve to apply ourselves to His Highness, the Prince of Orange, who, with so great kindness to these Kingdoms, so vast experience, and so much hazard to his own person, hath undertaken by endeavouring to procure a free parliament to rescue us, with as little effusion of Christian blood as possible, from the imminent dangers of Popery and slavery.

And we do hereby declare that we will with our utmost endeavours assist His Highness in the obtaining such a parliament with all speed, wherein our laws, our liberties and properties may be secured, the Church of England in particular, with a due liberty to Protestant Dissenters, and in general the Protestant religion and interest over the whole world may be supported and encouraged to the glory of God, the happiness of the established government in these Kingdoms, and the advantage of all princes and states in Christendom, that may be herein concerned.

In the mean time we will endeavour to preserve, as much as in us lies, the peace and security of these great and populous Cities of London and Westminster, and the parts adjacent, by taking care to disarm all Papists, and secure all Jesuits and Romish priests, who are in or about the same.

And if there be anything more to be performed by us for promoting His Highness's generous intentions for the public good, we shall be ready to do it, as occasion shall require.

W. Cant.; Thomas Ebor.; Pembroke; Dorset; Mulgrave; Thanet; Carlisle; Craven; Aylesbury; Burlington; Sussex; Berkely: Rochester; Newport; Weymouth; P. Winchester; W. Asaph; F. Ely; Thomas Roffen; Thomas Petriburg.; P. Wharton; North and Grey; Chandois; Mountague; T. Jermin; Vaughan Cherbury; Culpepper; Crew; Ossulstone.

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