Letter of the Earl of Feversham to the Prince of Orange, December 11, 1688

Louis de Duras, 2nd Earl of Feversham, commander-in-chief of the military forces of King James II and VII, sent this letter to the Prince of Orange. It was published as a broadside together with the King's letter to the Earl of Feversham under the title The King's letter to the general of his army with the general's letter to the Prince of Orange (Wing J205).

Uxbridge, December 11, 1688, at noon


Having received this morning a letter from His Majesty with the unfortunate news of his resolution to go out of England and that he is actually gone, I thought myself obliged, (being at the head of his Army) having received orders from His Majesty, to make no opposition against anybody, to let Your Highness know (with the advice of all the officers) as soon as it was possible, to hinder the misfortune of effusion of blood. I have sent to that purpose to all the troops that are under my command, which shall be the last order they shall receive from,


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