Address of the Episcopal Laity of Aberdeen, December 29, 1715

The following address was presented to King James III and VIII at the same time as the address of the Episcopal clergy of Aberdeen.

To the King's Most Excellent Majesty.

We your ever loyal and dutiful subjects, the magistrates, town-council, and other Your Majesty's loyal subjects, citizens of Aberdeen, do heartily congratulate your arrival to this your native and hereditary kingdom. Heaven very often enhances our blessings by disappointments; and Your Majesty's safe arrival, after such a train of difficulties, and so many attempts, makes us not doubt but that god is propitious to your just cause.

As Your Majesty's arrival was seasonable, so it was surprising. We were happy, and we knew it not. We had the blessing we wished for, yet insensible until now, that Your majesty has been pleased to let us know that we are the happiest, and as so, we shall always endeavour to be the most loyal of, may it please Your Majesty, Your Majesty's most faithful, most dutiful, and most humble subjects and servants.

To this address, King James III and VIII responded, as follows:

I am very sensible of the duty and zeal you express for me in this address; and you may assure yourselves of my protection.

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