Select Articles from the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1748

This treaty between the Elector Georg II of Hanover (acting for Great Britain), the Empress Maria Theresa, Louis XV of France, Charles Emanuel III of Sardinia, Ferdinand VI of Spain, Francis III of Modena, the United Provinces of the Low Countries, and the Republic of Genoa, was signed October 18, 1748.

A printed version of the full text can be found on pages 269 - 304 of volume 1 of Major Peace Treaties of Modern History, 1648-1967, edited by Fred L. Israel (New York: Chelsea House, 1967).


The 5th article of the treaty of the Quadruple Alliance, concluded at London the 2nd of August, 1718: containing the guaranty of the succession to the Kingdom of Great Britain in the House of his Britannic Majesty now reigning, and by which everything has been provided for, that can relate to the person who has taken the title of King of Great-Britain, and to his descendants of both sexes, is expressly confirmed and renewed by the present article, as if it was here inserted in its full extent.

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