A Jacobite Gazetteer - Bavaria

Possenhofen - Schloss Possenhofen

Schloss Possenhoffen Facade
East facade

The town of Possenhoffen is located on the western shore of Lake Starnberg about six kilometres south of Starnberg.

Schloss Possenhoffen (Karl-Theodor-Strasse, 14) was one of the childhood homes of Marie Gabriele, Duchess of Cornwall and Rothesay (first wife of King Rupert). It was purchased by her grandfather Duke Max in Bavaria in 1834. After 1920, the castle became derelict and served a number of uses (children's home, rest home for mothers, military hospital, motorcycle repair workshop). In the early 1980's it was converted into condominiums. The large heavily wooded park which surrounds the castle is now owned by the City of Munich and is open to the public.

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